Natkom Fishery Domestic and Foreign Trade Limited Company

About Us

About Us

About Us

In 2007, Natkom was founded as an independent trading company with its headquarters in İzmir-Alsancak (Turkey). The company, managed by the owner, has developed into one of the leading participants in the market in the trade of raw material commodities and is now active in many countries.

Our team's many years of experience and our global network of partners allow us to continually enter new markets and explore new possibilities.

In order to maintain and expand this position over the coming years and decades, we must look to the future and understand the trends and forces which will shape our company in the future. The sustainable success of the company, the personal development of individual Natkom employees and the integration of new products into our portfolio always follow our guiding principle. 


Good governance, well developed internal controls, and adherence to globally recognised manufacturing and production standards are core to doing things right at Natkom Ltd..

From our board of majority non-executives to businesses that support our manufacturing through sharing protocols, from health and safety procedures to quality programmes, we bring compliance and best practice to the core of what we do.